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Urbanfantasy Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "urbanfantasy".

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LdyDisney Lisa Kessler 3,214 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Fiction Writer & Singer
Location San Diego, CA
Other lists:  disney, fun, paranormal, paranormalwriter, romanceauthors, singer, vocalist, writer, writers
inkgypsy Gypsy Thornton 1,102 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Human/zombie hybrid & writer-mama who wishes she had tastier brains to snack on while working on various urban fantasy & retold fairy tales. Grows own hair.
Location California, USA
Web http://fairytalenewsb...
Other lists:  FairyTales, writers, urban_fantasy, paranormalresearch
kimidreams Kimiko 974 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Podcaster, Voice Actress, Writer, Lover of Urban Fantasy
Location New Jersey
Web http://www.talechasin...
Other lists:  books, podcast, urban_fantasy, voice_actor, voice_over, writing
categardner Cate Gardner 401 followers (2 on this list)
Bio A writer of weird things... Scary only in ink.
Location Liverpool, England
Other lists:  darkauthors
russviola RussellViola 309 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Writer, avid reader and world traveler. Working on my second novel.
Location Germany
Web http://www.russviola....
Other lists:  author, fantasy, fiction, haiku, novelist, poet, storyteller, writer, writing
VampireEsteban Esteban The Vampire 248 followers
Bio Just a hair over 500, but people tell me I look younger. Share a cup of O neg and watch a funny movie - like Dracula or Twilight.
Location Scottsdale, AZ
Web http://www.vampireest...
Other lists:  humor, vampires
brittaniethekid Brittanie 114 followers
Bio I can't tell you who I am because I'm not quite sure myself.
Location Arizona
Other lists:  arizonaart, bloggers, design, livejournal, music, ontd_spnparty, photography, spoilers, supernatural
Saje3D Saje Williams 112 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Author, observer, critic, sometimes cynic, semi-professional smartass, dog charmer, and cat herder.
Location Tacoma
Web http://www.sajewillia...
Other lists:  author, fantasy, infinity, novelist, writing
Angela_Daniels AngelaDanielsRomance 77 followers
Bio Author of SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal, & Erotic Romance
Location Chicagoland
Web http://sensualscribe....
Other lists:  amwriting, blogger, eroticromance, loveromancenovels, paranormal, romance, romancereaders, scifi, writer
GwenNewPenny Gwen NewPenny 19 followers
Bio My mind is full of words that I want to share. I have a cat named Sergey. He likes to walk on my keyboard. Mispelling mistakes are his.
Location Tennessee
Web http://gwennewpenny.w...
Other lists:  amwriting, author, fiction, fridayfiction, knoxville, tennessee, twitlit, webserial, writer
Talia_Morgan Talia Morgan 3 followers
Bio Author - Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, and Contemporary Romance.
Location Texas
Other lists:  authors, books, paranormal, romance, urban-fantasy, urban_fantasy, writers

Other lists:  writers
sjday (2 on this list)

Other lists:  author, urban_fantasy
zombie_joe (1 on this list)

Other lists:  urban_fantasy

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