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Urbanism Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "urbanism".

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YuriArtibise Yuri Artibise 3,198 followers
Bio I'm a policy analyst, blogger, urbanist & community manager who is re-discovering what #YVR has to offer. I'm looking for work in public policy or social media.
Location Vancouver, BC
Web http://yuriartibise.c...
Other lists:  cities, community, cplan, gov20, smallbusiness, socialmedia, transit, vancouver, yvr
sidburgess Sid Burgess 2,751 followers
Bio Improving lives through the smart application of the governments that serve our small communities. Fmr Councilman, Medic/OIF Vet
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Other lists:  architecture, blogger, gov20, government, history, news, politics, socialmedia, urbanplanning
caravia158 Ana Valdés 1,363 followers
Bio Writer, nomad, virtual and physical places, ghosts of cities. Montevideo, Stockholm. Anthropologist, urban dweller, foodie, gamer, anarchist, mixed worlds...
Location Stockholm, Montevideo
Other lists:  activism, gender, humanrights, literature, media, montevideo, stockholm, sweden, uruguay
DPGilmartin Dan Gilmartin 987 followers
Bio CEO @mmleague; Host, The Prosperity Agenda WJR 760; Detroit native; placemaking/communities/economic turnaround/great cities.
Location Michigan
Web http://www.economicso...
Other lists:  infrastructure
SB_AEC Jennifer Hicks 585 followers
Bio SmartBrief editor Jennifer Hicks on news and trends in the architecture, engineering and construction sector. I read everything. You get what matters.
Location Washington, D.C.
Web https://www.smartbrie...
Other lists:  architecture, construction, design, designconstruction, engineering, greenbuild, infrastructure, sustainability, transportation
laciudadviva La Ciudad Viva 475 followers (1 on this list)
Bio impulsa un amplio debate social en torno a la ciudad, que se quiere traducir en la participación activa y responsable de la ciudadanía
Location Sevilla, Andalucía. España.
Web http://www.laciudadvi...
Other lists:  arquitectos, architects
hautepop Jay Owens 457 followers
Bio Social researcher & urbanism blogger also tweeting about political things, consumer culture, anthropology & chatter.
Location London
Web http://city-project.b...
Other lists:  drone, experimental
urbain_ Urbain trop Urbain 145 followers
Bio Urbain trop Urbain parle d'urbanisme et d'architecture, de projets urbains et d'art de la ville.
Location Toulouse, France

Other lists:  architecture, design, planning, urbanisme
richardcorbin Richard Corbin 35 followers
Bio Cities are complex and fascinating, so I chose to study urban planning. I like viewing maps in order to simplify the chaos. Obsessed by science and the cosmos.
Location London, UK

Other lists:  urbanplanning
nowurbanism UW Sawyer Seminar 15 followers (1 on this list)
Bio None
Location None
shiftland mike barker 10 followers
Bio shift landscape + urbanism + strategy
Location guelph ontario canada
Other lists:  landscape-architecture
Maxwan_ Maxwan 2 followers
Bio Maxwan Architects + Urbanists is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, led by Rients Dijkstra and Hiroki Matsuura. Projects, activities, and interesting resources.
Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Other lists:  architecture, landscape
ethel_baraona (1 on this list)

Other lists:  architects, arquitectos, archinect, genarch
elsevierscience Elsevier Science
Bio Posting about Elsevier books, websites and information solutions for academic scientists, including Life & Physical Sciences, Economics, & Social Sciences.
Location Oxford, UK
Web http://www.elsevierdi...
Other lists:  nutrition, neuroscience, lis, chemistry, highered, librarians, linguistics

Other lists:  science_literature

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