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Usability Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "usability".

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nicholasfane Nick Fane 18,906 followers
Bio Account executive with Mediative. Interested in digital marketing, social media, technology and digital strategy.
Location Kelowna, B.C, Canada
Other lists:  advertising, consulting, display, marketing, ppc, remarketing, seo, socialmedia
jrosell Jordi Rosell 4,280 followers
Bio Consultor tecnòlogic i de negocis online a @einnova, blogger entre BCN i Centelles a @elnostreraco, equip de,,
Location Barcelona
Web http://elnostreraco.c...
Other lists:  barcelona, cms, crm, development, erp, itil, owasp, security, ubuntu
thinklikeauser Colette Mason 3,848 followers (4 on this list)
Bio I'm a usability professional. I teach businesses how to make their website more profitable and customer-focused. After that, I play Warcraft :)
Location London
Web http://www.thinklikea...
Other lists:  internet-marketing, social-media, web-accessibility, web-architect, webdeveloper, website-review
usabilitycounts Patrick Neeman 2,994 followers (8 on this list)
Bio Director of User Experience at Jobvite; runs and
Location San Francisco, California
Web http://www.uxdrinking...
Other lists:  design, socialmedia, userexperience, ux, webdesign
UXalliance UXalliance 1,850 followers
Bio The UXalliance is a global network of 23 leading user experience firms with a global presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia & Oceania
Location Global
Web http://www.uxalliance...
Other lists:  design, globalresearch, userexperience, userresearch, ux, uxevents
egillhardar Egill Harðar 1,802 followers
Bio Head of social media at Web designer, marketer, usability guy, creative thinker and music blog editor. Also @gogoyoko and @rjominn
Location Reykjavik, Iceland
Web http://www.gogoyoko.c...
Other lists:  blogger, blogging, creative, cross-pollinator, marketing, music, socialmedia, user-interaction, webdesign
harrybr Harry Brignull 1,505 followers (5 on this list)
Bio User Experience Lead at Madgex. CogSci PhD.
Location Brighton, UK
Web http://90percentofeve...
Other lists:  cro, ia, infoarch, informationarchitect, ixd, userexperience, userresearch, ux, webdesign
use_this UX & Usability News 1,400 followers (10 on this list)
Bio Life's short, make it usable. The latest news, ideas and suggestions in Usability and User Experience.
Location Indianapolis, IN
Other lists:  apps, design, experience, software, user_experience, ux, web
garybuchan Gary Buchan 1,346 followers (1 on this list)
Bio It's just a ride.
Location Around London, UK
Web http://www.garybuchan...
Other lists:  analytics, ppc, searchmarketing, seo, socialmedia, ux
leevanlog Lee van Loggerenberg 1,067 followers
Bio #15: I help companies create websites people want to visit [Usability Consultant]
Location South Africa

Other lists:  southafrica, userexperience, ux
NGAGEnow NGAGE 1,047 followers (2 on this list)
Bio We're a Saint Louis-based digital advertising agency. Our Twitter stream is maintained by: @eammon @daveyjohnson, @hspoeneman...
Location Saint Louis
Web http://www.ngagenow.c...
Other lists:  advertising, digital, digitalagency, marketing, socialmedia, ux
Daalmans Michiel Daalmans 736 followers
Bio Consultant @ De Wijde Blik | Gen Y | Communicatie | PR | Internet strategy | Social Media | Copywriter | Blogger | TED | Philosophy | Science | Humor
Location Amsterdam
Other lists:  astronomy, communicatie, copywriting, humor, marketing, pr, science, socialmedia, ted
UserCentricInc UserCentricInc 641 followers
Bio What we do isn’t about a product—it’s about the user experience. If you're a reporter on deadline, email We're hosting the @UXmasterclass.
Location Chicago, IL
Web http://www.usercentri...
Other lists:  eyetracking, globalresearch, hit, usercentereddesign, userexperience, userresearch, ux
RedstartSystems Kim Patch 588 followers
Bio We make Utter Command: fast hands-free computer control, and Redstart Reports: fast speech input into any EHR | Speech Recognition | Usability | Productivity
Location Boston
Web http://www.redstartsy...
Other lists:  a11y, accessibility, disability, networkingwomen, speechrecognition, universaldesign
netbranding Ahmet Dingil 485 followers
Bio Inhouse Seo
Location Darmstadt
Web http://www.netbrandin...
Other lists:  accessibility, affiliate, blogger, onlinemarketing, sem, seo, smm, webdesign, webmaster
jonhassell Jonathan Hassell 454 followers
Bio Award-winning digital inclusion thought-leader & accessibility consultant. Lead-Author of BS8878. Follow me, I'll follow you back.
Location London UK
Web http://www.hassellinc...
Other lists:  a11y, accessibility, disability, edtech, inclusion, inclusivedesign, innovation, universaldesign, ux
mattysars Matthew Sarah 388 followers
Bio Visual & interaction designer dreaming of a job at Sterling Cooper
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Web http://www.mattsarah....
Other lists:  advertising, design, digital, socialmedia, tech, ux, web-design
Allison_House Allison House 357 followers
Bio I am but a lowly pixel-perfecting nerd lucky enough to design apps for Envy Labs, the best Rails development & solar death ray assembly shop around.
Location Orlando, FL
Other lists:  design, photoshop, rubyonrails, videogames, webdesign
jrbeilke Jon Beilke 349 followers
Bio Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography. Compulsive Dabbler of Internet Projects and Websites. Amateur Domain Name Buyer. Freelancing as JB Design and Photo.
Location White Bear Lake, MN, USA
Web http://www.moongrabbe...
Other lists:  creative, css, css-web-design, design, graphic_design, graphicdesign, photography, webdesign, webdesigndevelopment
ArthurFink Arthur Fink 326 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Passionate observer + questioner of people, technology, design; Spirit-filled coach + guide; Photographer of dancers + other people; Consultant; Quaker
Location Peaks Island, Maine
Web http://www.arthurfink...
Other lists:  coaching, creativity, dancephotography, design, designthinking, listening, marketing, photography, quakerism


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