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Ux Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "ux".

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uxbooks ux books 996 followers (16 on this list)
Bio Book recommendations, reviews and news for user experience professionals. Behind every micro blog there is an even smaller man @paulseys
Location United Kingdom
JaysonElliot (15 on this list)

Other lists:  semantic_web
semanticwill Semantic Will 2,070 followers (15 on this list)
Bio Director, Experience Design, IxD, IA, miscreant, misanthrope, surley iconoclast, IAI Board member
Location iPhone: 39.955112,-75.143906
Web http://blog.semanticf...
Other lists:  design
megUX (15 on this list)
russu Russ Unger 1,591 followers (14 on this list)
Bio Director of Experience Planning at Draftfcb. Author of A Project Guide to UX Design, Planner of IDEA Conference. IA, UX, IxD, good egg.
Location Chicagoland
Web http://www.userglue.c...
Other lists:  socialnetworking, strategy
humanfactors Human Factors Int'l 2,827 followers (13 on this list)
Bio HFI is the world leader in user-centered design. We offer a complete usability suite- consulting, training & products to help you create intuitive websites
Location US,UK, India, China, Singapore
Web http://www.humanfacto...
ebuie (13 on this list)
KM_Alexander K. Michael Alexander 1,298 followers (13 on this list)
Bio UI/UX Designer for Picnik - I rant about video game UI at my blog: (All comments are my own; not Google's/Picnik's)
Location Seattle, WA
ampli2de Cornelius Rachieru 501 followers (13 on this list)
Bio UX Lead / Manager / Strategist, PM, Communicator, Troublemaker, Earth Traveller, Basketball / Adventure addict, and yes... Dude.
Location Ottawa, Canada
uxthoughts Usability Thoughts 689 followers (12 on this list)
Bio ux & ui
Web http://usabilitythoug...
ctomlin Craig Tomlin 2,684 followers (12 on this list)
Bio Usability, SEO & User Experience Consultant
Location Moorpark, CA
Web http://www.wcraigtoml...
usabilitycounts Patrick Neeman 2,994 followers (12 on this list)
Bio Director of User Experience at Jobvite; runs and
Location San Francisco, California
Web http://www.uxdrinking...
Other lists:  design, socialmedia, usability, userexperience, webdesign
mikeslone (12 on this list)

Other lists:  skiing, user-experience
ValeskaUX (12 on this list)

Other lists:  information-architecture, semantic-web
ribot Ribot 1,775 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Ideas lab for mobile interfaces.
Location London
Other lists:  mobile
dav_hamill David Hamill 1,471 followers (11 on this list)
Bio I help people make their websites easier to use.
Location Edinburgh
Web http://www.goodusabil...
Other lists:  web
wireframes Wireframes Magazine 1,511 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Because every IA has something funky up their sleeve
Location Toronto, Canada
Web http://wireframes.lin...
ibmdesign IBM Design 6,152 followers (11 on this list)
Bio News and updates about Design@IBM and design more broadly written by IBM User Experience Design Program Director Karel Vredenburg (@karelvredenburg).
Location Toronto, Canada
Other lists:  design, user-experience
johnwhalen John Whalen (11 on this list)
Bio User Experience (UX), Usability, Interaction Design (IxD), Web Strategy, Information Architecture (IA) SEO, PhD ... still learning.
Location Washington, DC
Web http://www.managingex...
ExperienceLab ExperienceLab 116 followers (11 on this list)
Bio Global experience design research agency providing usability and user experience services
Location London, UK
Other lists:  design, experiencedesign, usability, userexperience


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