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Ux Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "ux".

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yoni Jonathan S. Knoll 1,165 followers (39 on this list)
Bio Experience Design & Web Development Consultant... and a there when you need me type of guy... pronounced yōni.
Location Brooklyn, NY
Other lists:  design
jamesbreeze jamesbreeze 1,638 followers (38 on this list)
Bio I'm a business psychologist consulting in Usability, User Experience, Social Media, Strategy & Eye tracking Improving people's lives by better use of technology
Location Sydney
Web http://www.usableworl...
gravity7 (36 on this list)

Other lists:  planetmoney, socialmedia, climatechange
szymonblaszczyk (31 on this list)

Other lists:  mind-mapping, newmedia, ux, usability, marketing
use_this UX & Usability News 1,400 followers (31 on this list)
Bio Life's short, make it usable. The latest news, ideas and suggestions in Usability and User Experience.
Location Indianapolis, IN
Other lists:  apps, design, experience, software, usability, user_experience, web
uxmag UX Magazine 4,936 followers (29 on this list)
Bio UX Magazine's Twitter feed. By @alexoid and @cdemetriadis
Other lists:  blog, magazine
UXBooth UXBooth 3,120 followers (28 on this list)
Bio The UX Booth is a blog by and for the User Experience Community.
Location Atlanta, GA
Other lists:  blog
IATV Jan Jursa 8,508 followers (27 on this list)
Bio Information Architect, Information Literacy, UX, IxD, User Experience, Usability, Design, Prague, Ginkgo Love
Location Berlin
Web http://iatelevision.b...
Other lists:  architects, user-experience
harrybr Harry Brignull 1,505 followers (26 on this list)
Bio User Experience Lead at Madgex. CogSci PhD.
Location Brighton, UK
Web http://90percentofeve...
Other lists:  cro, ia, infoarch, informationarchitect, ixd, usability, userexperience, userresearch, webdesign
konigi Konigi 2,294 followers (22 on this list)
Bio UX (IA/IXD/VisD/Dev). Michael Angeles' Konigi link stream + back channel.
Location Brooklyn, NY
iA (22 on this list)
nickf Nick Finck 4,841 followers (20 on this list)
Bio User experience professional, owner of Blue Flavor, former editor in chief of Digital Web Magazine
Location Seattle, WA
PeteWilliams Pete Williams 319 followers (20 on this list)
Bio Web developer and UX designer who wants to know what you know.
Location Guildford, UK
Web http://petewilliams.i...
Other lists:  dev, developer, ia, ixd, surrey, usability, uxdesigner, web, webdev
iheartusers Carrie Ann Trieglaff 223 followers (19 on this list)
Bio The Happy User Researcher Aspiring Social Media Guru Wife and Mommie Love all things UX & strawberry
Location chicago now - austin aspiring
Web http://www.iheartuser...
Other lists:  analytics, cdw, design, ia, marketing, usability, userexperience, userresearch, webdesign
ux UX Design 1,827 followers (18 on this list)
Bio Better user experience design for the web and beyond.
Other lists:  web
userfocus David Travis 1,109 followers (18 on this list)
Bio David Travis, tweeting usability, user experience and psychology links and resources.
Location London
Web http://www.userfocus....
otrops (17 on this list)

Other lists:  londonweb, a11y
whitneyhess Whitney Hess 5,441 followers (17 on this list)
Bio User experience designer, writer, consultant. I make stuff easy and pleasurable to use. Please @ me when you follow to say hi!
Location New York, NY
Other lists:  consulting, nyc, user-experience
UXTweets UXTweets 1,385 followers (17 on this list)
Bio Get the latest news, reviews and innovations in Usability, User Experience and User Centred Design
Location Everywhere
adrianh Adrian Howard 1,280 followers (16 on this list)
Bio Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot.
Location Dorset, UK


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