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Writer Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "writer".

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GennaroSalamone Gennaro Salamone 10,095 followers (71 on this list)
Bio Tweets: Writing. Travel. Entrepreneurship. Food. Photography.
Location New York City
Web http://www.enduringwa...
Other lists:  photography, travel, writing
johannaharness Johanna Harness 14,523 followers (68 on this list)
Bio writer, teacher, gardener, dreamer, knitter, shepherd, lover of homegrown tomatoes.
Location Idaho
Web http://www.johannahar...
Other lists:  gardening, knitting, needlework, teacher
LisaCollierCool Lisa Collier Cool 37,055 followers (56 on this list)
Bio Bestselling author/awardwinning journalist. Specialties: health, pets, inspiration, true-life drama, past prez, ASJA; mom of twins + 1, loves dogs & tennis.
Location Westchester, NY
Web http://www.lisacollie...
Other lists:  creativity, dogs, freelancer, health, journalist, journalists, pets, writers
EllenMeister Ellen Meister 4,782 followers (55 on this list)
Bio I write, I swear, I sing, I dance--all from the front seat of my minivan. My 3rd book, THE OTHER LIFE (Putnam), arrives Feb. I recip most follows. Let's tweet!
Location Long Island, NY
Web http://ellenmeister.c...
Other lists:  author, authors, books, fiction, long_island, longisland, novelist, writers
WriteSuccess Mary Anne Hahn 8,564 followers (51 on this list)
Bio Founder, Intl Assoc of Professional Ghost Writers ( Help writers create prosperous, fulfilling writing careers.
Location Syracuse, NY
Web http://writesuccess.c...
Other lists:  editor
JoannaDangelo Joanna D'Angelo 2,649 followers (48 on this list)
Bio I pretty much do whatever Oprah tells me to. Writer, filmmaker, blogger, procrastinator, fiction lover, popculture-er, LUV: Daily Show, 30 Rock, Glee, Curb
Location Ottawa, Canada
Web http://popculturediva...
JohnCleese JohnCleese 262,872 followers (45 on this list)
Bio Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and I am making video podcasts
Location London
Other lists:  actor, british
moondustwriter Leslie Moon 1,520 followers (45 on this list)
Bio Love God. Published poet and author. Present project: writing series to encourage children with disabilities. Write radio scripts.
Location California
Web http://moondustwriter...
Other lists:  blogging, childrenswriters, poet
LdyDisney Lisa Kessler 3,214 followers (44 on this list)
Bio Fiction Writer & Singer
Location San Diego, CA
Other lists:  disney, fun, paranormal, paranormalwriter, romanceauthors, singer, urbanfantasy, vocalist, writers
DaronFraley Daron Fraley 1,815 followers (44 on this list)
Bio Gourmand. Author of THE THORN, book one of THE CHRONICLES OF GAN. Should be writing. Frequently I am not.
Location Camping, Wilderness of Sinai
Web http://www.daronfrale...
Other lists:  author, authors, authors-writers, blogger, christian, fiction, writers, writers-editors, writing
TheSmokingPoet (42 on this list)

Other lists:  publisher, writers-editors
namenick Nick Name 10,498 followers (41 on this list)
Bio Mobile fiction writer 3.0 beta, iPhone geek, e-book addict, tech-absurdist. For my literary tweets, please join @mobilefiction
Location Your current eReading device
Web http://www.passwordin...
Other lists:  1picstory, art, design, ebooks, fiction, hashtagstory, mobilefiction, technology, writing
beltonwriter Christopher Belton (41 on this list)
Bio Fiction and non-fiction writer based in Yokohama, Japan, with more than 40 books published (mostly in Japanese, but some in English.)
Location Yokohama, Japan
Web http://www.chrisbelto...
Other lists:  author
jeannevb Jeanne V Bowerman 1,689 followers (41 on this list)
Bio freelance writer, screenwriter, black belt, belly dancing, recovering insecureaholic & #scriptchat moderator Sundays 8pm EST @jeanneveillette #TwitterPIMPangel
Location New York @scriptchat
Other lists:  blogger, film, freelancewriter, screenwriter, screenwriters, socialmedia
LiaKeyes Lia Keyes 1,699 followers (40 on this list)
Bio British writer Lia Keyes pens tales of murder, magic, mystery and mayhem for teens with curious minds. Host: #ScribeChat on Thursdays (6pm PT/9pm ET)
Location Palos Verdes, California
Other lists:  fantasy, writers, ya
susanorlean Susan Orlean 14,523 followers (37 on this list)
Bio Writer, writer, writer. Oh, I also write.
Location New York
Other lists:  author, journalist
KeriStevens (36 on this list)

Other lists:  squawkradio, loveromancenovels, katiemacalister
WritersRelief Ronnie Smith 4,737 followers (36 on this list)
Bio Lots of tips, hints, and hot leads for submitting and publishing your books, poems, and stories. Enjoy!
Location Hackensack, NJ
Web http://www.WritersRel...
Other lists:  author
GaryCorby Gary Corby 1,510 followers (36 on this list)
Bio Writer of historical mysteries set in Classical Athens. My detective is Nicolaos, elder brother of Socrates. First book due out Fall 2010 from Minotaur.
Location Sydney
Web http://blog.garycorby...
Other lists:  fiction, historicalfiction, history, historylit, writing


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