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Yoga Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "yoga".

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DanicaPatrick Danica Patrick 54,535 followers
Bio Driver of the #7 Motorola, love to cook especially breakfast then workout running, weights, yoga,
Location Scottsdale, AZ
Web http://www.DanicaRaci...
Other lists:  cooking, fitness, racing, sports
Shivayoga Mahapratibhawan B.I. 28,070 followers
Bio Shivayoga, yoga, Avatar, Master, Mahavatar Babaji, Bhakti, pure love, bliss, conciousness, Kumaraswamiji
Location Zagreb
Web http://shivayog.blogs...
Other lists:  beautiful, conciousness, god, good, health, love, shivayoga, soul, spirtuality
TheEntertainer ScottBrandonHoffman 27,394 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Philosopher, I Tweet Therefore I Am. Inspirational Speaker, Host, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Kick Ass Consultant, Into Raw Foods, Yoga...and DEFINITELY Trouble
Location Marina Del Rey, CA
Web http://www.LivingInAH...
Other lists:  comedians, inspiration, philosophy, social-science
bluesky03 Gail Jesnig 24,617 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Entrepreneur and Corporate Mix. Traveler, Adventurer, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coach. Internet Marketer.
Location Beverly Hills, Michigan

Other lists:  coach, meditation, travel
eProducts24 Elaine Mcwalter 22,960 followers
Bio I love eProducts, I do research everyday on net and find best eProducts some of them are really good, some of them are very funny ;-)
Location London
Other lists:  web-2.0, yahoo
pgoss paul goss 17,632 followers (5 on this list)
Bio blogger, web prod/pr, eco/organic/healthcare advocate. musician, world sports (zen, f1, golf, yoga, surfing), start-up and cat lover. living near monterey, ca
Location salinas/monterey, ca
Web http://jazzmonk.blogs...
Other lists:  cats, healthcare, surfing
YogaUpdates Yoga Updates 15,999 followers (14 on this list)
Bio Nice survey of various Yoga blogs. This reading will give you a lot to think about. Re-tweet okay.
Location California
ebenpagan Eben Pagan 15,916 followers (1 on this list)
Bio EVOLUTION. Interested in brain science, psychology, raw food, great music, challenging myself, philosophy, yoga, changing the world. You know, normal stuff...
Location Santa Monica, CA
Web http://ebenpagan.word...
Other lists:  evolution, philosophy, raw
BetterFit Sanne Bjorn 15,450 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Health and fitness nut. Love yoga, running, skiing, swimming, eating right, thinking right, living right and having fun!
Location Chicago, USA

Other lists:  skiing, swimming
scubadivergirls Scuba Diver Girls 15,172 followers
Bio We are girls who love and live for scuba. We care about and contribute to programs that sustain the earth especially the ocean organizations.
Location San Diego
Web http://scubadivergirl...
Other lists:  animal-welfare, outdoors, scuba-diving, vegan
yogaweb Yoga Web 14,702 followers (13 on this list)
Bio Yoga (Sanskrit, Pāli: योग, IAST: yóga, IPA: [joːgə]) refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India.
Location Everywhere
StephanieFrank Stephanie Frank 13,065 followers (3 on this list)
Bio Yoga loving happy parent of 2 quirky dogs. Laughing through life's ups and downs and helping others make positive change. Performance coach, speaker, author
Location Arizona
Web http://stephaniefrank...
Other lists:  parenting
NetTopBargains Nick-Nitin 13,035 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Success coach, Int. Mktg, Property Investment & Development. Interest: NLP, Meditation, Mind power, Yoga, Health & Sickness control, Human Engineering.
Location New Zealand
Web http://www.nettopbarg...
Other lists:  hypnotherapy-nlp, meditation
Freeist The Free-ist 12,905 followers
Bio Freedom Enthusiast, Renegade Internet Affiliate Marketer, Metaphysical Explorer, Health FREAK, Yogi, Marijuana Liberator, Peace Professor, Student of EVERYTHING
Location Stamford, CT
Other lists:  libertarian, metaphysics, professors
Virtual_Yoga Virtual_Yoga 10,912 followers (20 on this list)
Bio non-profit Social Media on Yoga, Superliving, Self-Realisation and Enlightenment
Location Europe
Web http://www.virtual-yo...
GaryLoper Gary Loper 10,841 followers (7 on this list)
Bio REALized REALationships, Social Media Consultant and Wellness Coach with a Go Giver Heart
Location St Petersburg, FL
Web http://www.garyloper....
Other lists:  coach, entrepreneur, gogiver, lightworkers, marketing, massage-therapy, socialmedia, stpetersburgfl, xbm
ewop One Consciousness☮♥∞ 10,125 followers (5 on this list)
Bio ღ Everything's Working Out Perfectly. Student of Ancient Wisdom. Curator of multi-author blog. Oneness Love Spirituality Energy Shaman Huna Reiki Zen ☮ ♥ ∞ etc.
Location Kansas City, MO

Other lists:  eft, green, healing, huna, reiki, shaman, socialmedia, spiritual, zen
yoga_mama Lasara Firefox Allen 8,941 followers (5 on this list)
Bio Newly (officially) married; @Robert_Allen. Proud mama. MPNLP, writer, coach, educator. Meme-generator; #gratitude, & Gratitude Gatherings:
Location Northern California
Web http://www.lasarafire...
ESPemporium ESP Emporium 8,766 followers (4 on this list)
Bio Loose leaf tea retailer which specializes in green tea, black tea, blended tea, herbal tea, Rooibos, wellness tea, organic tea, fruit tea, iced tea, tea gifts..
Location Chicagoland
Web http://www.espemporiu...
Other lists:  blog, business, chicago, diet, health, online, retail, tea, weightloss
Gaiam Gaiam 7,690 followers (40 on this list)
Bio Based in sunny Colorado, we make products for a healthy mind, body, home and planet. We're very happy to answer any questions, comments or feedback.
Location Boulder, Colorado
Other lists:  green, spirituality


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