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Zen Twitter List

People who have been tagged with the keyword "zen".

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MrAndreRabie Andre 26,563 followers
Bio #Artist #FineArt #Music #DJ #Trader #Forex #Finance #News #HumanRights #CivilRights #Zen #Atheist #in #UniteBlue )
Location New York City - New York - USA
Other lists:  artist, atheist, civilrights, dj, finance, fineart, forex, humanrights, trader
ewop One Consciousness☮♥∞ 10,125 followers (1 on this list)
Bio ღ Everything's Working Out Perfectly. Student of Ancient Wisdom. Curator of multi-author blog. Oneness Love Spirituality Energy Shaman Huna Reiki Zen ☮ ♥ ∞ etc.
Location Kansas City, MO

Other lists:  eft, green, healing, huna, reiki, shaman, socialmedia, spiritual, yoga
ChasingTao Photography is Art 6,353 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Contemplative PhotoArt, poetry, TAO, Zen, Pagan, Judaic, Gnostic, metaphysical philosophies, current events, & human rights advocate. ☸ ૐ ☮ ♪ ♥ ♉
Location Michigan
Web http://chasingtao.zen...
Other lists:  art, gay, liberal, micropoetry, nature, photography, poetry, progressive, tao
doobieman21 chris d. 3,320 followers
Bio Conflict in the mind creates conflict in the world. Peace of mind creates peace around us. if love was money, i stay makin' it rain. :)
Location Houston,Texas
Web http://doobieman21.tu...
Other lists:  ascension, houston, meditation, texans
sashreddy1 Sash Reddy 2,160 followers (1 on this list)
Bio Passionate. Big Picture Thinking. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Leadership Development Educator. Great Biz Evangelist. Humanitarian. Being and Doing the Remarkable.
Location iPhone: 12.920293,77.669216
Web http://www.linkedin.c...
Other lists:  business, ceo, entrepreneur, innovation, inspiration, leadership, original, quote, socialmedia
feistycoach Georgia Feiste 1,339 followers (2 on this list)
Bio Life Transition Coach specializing in career and retirement coaching for people seeking purpose and conscious living.
Location Lincoln, NE USA
Web http://www.collaborat...
Other lists:  blog, career, ceo, coach, eft, inspiration, leadership, retirement, success
EliotBurdett EliotBurdett 1,276 followers
Bio Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Vegan, Rec Athlete, Hockey Nut, Blogger, Partner at, enjoying a Zen Life.
Location Ottawa, Canada
Web http://www.eliotburde...
Other lists:  buddhism, entrepreneur, fitness, hockey, marketing, recruiting, sales, tech, vegan
aretepraxis Areté Praxis 1,132 followers
Bio Radical Wisdom, Deep Insight, Zen Buddhism, Discordianism, Zenarchy, Anarchism, Libertarian Socialism, Natural Health, Natural Hygiene, Vegan Nutrition, Ecotech
Location Los Angeles, CA
Web http://www.facebook.c...
Other lists:  anarchism, anarchy, buddhism, discordianism, health, naturalhealth, nutrition, zenarchy, zenbuddhism
MatjazSircelj Matjaz Sircelj 905 followers
Bio Technical Audience Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Researching technology, marketing, people and zen. Hiker, sailor, comedian and always positive thinker ;-).
Location Slovenia
Other lists:  community, hiking, marketing, microsoft, people, sailing, slovenia, social, technology
ShihanQuotes Shihan Quotes 182 followers
Bio Essential Pills of Wisdom from the Grand Masters.
Web http://ShihanQuotes.c...
Other lists:  aikydo, budism, jiujitsu, judo, karate, kempo, kungfu, martial-arts, mma
digster71 John D 110 followers
Bio Inked, Pierced, Buddhist, Vegetarian, Anarchist, Librarian, Horror Movie Fanatic
Location 41.797456,-87.589257
Web http://www.pocafavill...
Other lists:  anarchism, anarchist, buddhism, buddhist, gnosis, gnostic, gnosticism, johannite, mahayana
dancloutier Daniel Cloutier 94 followers
Bio softwareentwicklung. zen. politik. musik. haiku. pixel. 8bit.
Location Germany
Web http://danslog.blogsp...
Other lists:  buddhism, classicgaming, gaming, haiku, zenbuddhism
zensandwhich Rob Blackburn 93 followers
Bio Shiatsu Practitioner. Interested in all things Oriental Medicine and Integral Philosophy.
Location Lewes, East Sussex, UK
Web http://www.robblackbu...
Other lists:  activism, buddhism, chinesemedicine, climbing, juggling, meditation, shiatsu, tcm, yoga
ZenMama4life ZenMama 65 followers
Bio ZenMamma...a place to come for hope, inspiration, knowledge and everything in between Join Zen Mama on facebook: ZenMama...check it out
Location right in front of you

Other lists:  business, empowerment, happiness, healthy, love, organic, socialmediamarketing, spirituality
silentfaun Margaret Smith 42 followers
Bio Artist and Designer playing in the sandbox known as new media communication.
Location Florida
Web http://maggie-silentf...
Other lists:  art, buddhism, design, film, graphics, motiongraphics, pagan, taoism, television
JPDBuckley JPD Buckley 28 followers
Bio Jonathan Buckley: winter swimmer, finger picker, haiku scribbler, zen sitter, berry photographer, business writer, family man.
Location Streatham Hill, London
Web http://jonathanbuckle...
Other lists:  balham, blog, coldwater2011, guitar, haiku, lido, pr, swim, tbl
chariz_gr cHaRi ZaR 9 followers
Bio gnosis is the word...
Location volos, gr.

Other lists:  art, dogs, food, handmade, music, networking, photography, technology, travel
Mattie1952 Mattie 4 followers
Bio Writings: Alan Watts, Ken Wilber, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, Non-duality Music: Bret Dennen, Krishna Das, Wim Mertens Gardening: Biological, EM, SFG
Location The Netherlands - Hoogland

Other lists:  advaita, funk, humor, minimalistic, music, non-duality, tao, watts, wilber
4thWheelTurning 4thBuddhaAutopoiesis 4 followers
Location netherlands
Web http://relationalbudd...
Other lists:  buddhism, buddhist, buddhist-meditation, coach, coaching, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, psychotherapists
ronaldjones7 ronald jones 3 followers
Bio I'm a writer and painter. I wrote Crucibles of Passion (Kindle) and recently A Satyr in Disneyland--short story privately printed, collectors' edition.
Location Seattle, Washington

Other lists:  animals, erotica, otherplanets, painting, psychology, rareliterature, thebeautyofwomen, vip, writer


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